Darwin To Brisbane Then Caloundra 1575nm

25th August 1998. The forecast showed clear skies all the way to Brisbane with a 10 knot headwind for the first 90 minutes. As we were light, we climbed initially to FL270 then FL290. This required continuous flow on the oxygen as we were not getting sufficient saturation above FL210 with the automatic system. The headwind changed in to an increasing tailwind as we flew South. At this level we are aware of hypoxia, the bends and not exceeding VNE/VMO during the initial descent. Our ground speed reached 380 knots in cruise and during descent the highest we saw was 417 knots which we thought was not bad for a home built single engine piston aircraft! We passed over Brisbane tower at close to 300 knots IAS for a time less than five hours at an average ground speed of 314.4 knots. We then turned left and flew the 36 nm to Caloundra where family and friends were waiting our arrival. It was great to be home having achieved our goal of flying to Oshkosh in a kit (home built) aircraft. We did not seek publicity or sponsorship so this adventure is not widely known about. We suspect the records may exist for some time as not many aircraft have the range or speed of a Lancair IV.