Ciampino To Larnaca 1072nm

17th August 1998. Flavio drove us to L'Aquila this morning to pick up our aircraft. We flew back to Ciampino to flight plan , clear customs and pay our landing fees. We started the engine and requested a taxi clearance to be told we had a 3 hour delay! We shut down & went back in to the flight planning office to negotiate a shorter waiting time. They suggested we re plan well south of Greece with additional track miles, our slot time would improve. We departed Rome at 1400 local and tracked down the west coast almost to Sicily before turning left for Crete then Cyprus. The weather was much better on this southern route and even with the additional track miles, the record set was 268.79 knots. We landed just prior to sunset in balmy conditions. It was peak tourist season and a Hotel near the Airport was hard to find.  

From Larnaca onwards our timing had to be more precise as some of our over flight clearances had only a 2 hour window we could use.