Phuket To Darwin 2299nm

23rd August 1998. Delayed again on departure due runway works until 0800 but once airborne, we climbed to FL250. As the day progressed, the CB clouds surrounded us, requiring many track deviations. We didn't see Kuala Lumpur or Singapore due cloud. Once in Indonesian airspace, the cloud dissipated and we saw Timor clearly. On arrival Darwin we were met by many work colleagues from Qantas. It is a great feeling to be back in Australia. The speed record for this leg was 253.79 knots.

The next day we did another oil change, replaced the vacuum pump, topped up the oxygen, disconnected the ferry tank, took off the high drag HF aerial.

This evening we will enjoy dinner and celebratory drinks with our friends but will not have a late night as we have one last sector tomorrow.